Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I remember the day I put Seth's phone number into my cell phone. I'd known him for several months, but it suddenly struck me that I didn't know if his last name was Grigg or Griggs. So I casually said, "Hey, how do you spell your last name?" He said, "It's G-r-i-g-g. No 's.'"

He didn't act annoyed or anything, but I kicked myself anyway. I've always regretted letting the possibility enter my mind that his last name was Griggs. At that moment, I was just one of the many making the same mistake. Not who you want to be when you have a little crush on someone.

Soon thereafter I decided that since his last name was Grigg, he'd definitely have to name a kid Greg. Greg Grigg. It's magical. Why would anyone not choose that name? I suggested that to him, and he said no. Then a little later, I suggested it again, and he said no again. Then I decided I'd have to marry him so I could force that one down his throat.

Well, now we're having a little boy (which I haven't mentioned here before, so if it's news to you, ta-dah!), and guess what I'm not going to name him: Greg. Not a chance. Greg Grigg is a stupid name. But maybe Schmeg.