Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tatu, Tatu, Tatu!

My mom saw this picture of my cousin (whom I visited two days ago) on Facebook today:

She commented: "Jeremy, I'm jealous! You got to hold Jonah!"

In case anyone else was confused, I'd like to clarify: This is not my baby. He is not made of yarn.

How Traveling Is

I'm writing the profile of a lady who worked several jobs to save up for a trip to Israel. When she got there, she lived in a commune and worked in a bakery for a month, then started drifting. She went to Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Holland, France, etc., picking up other jobs along the way.

"You know how traveling is," she said. "One thing leads to another."

"No," I said. "Not really."

When I travel, I hope the hotel has a king-size bed and cable and good food. Because, see, I really like to LIVE my life. First-hand! Seizing the bull by the horns! Relishing diversity and all the world has to offer! Who's with me?