Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A weird thing Seth does

When he's channel surfing, he gives every channel a chance. Like, even 6-3, The Cool TV, which is second-string music videos from the last three or so decades. And 9-2, the CW's back-up channel. For the shows not quite good enough to run on the real CW. And all four channels of public television. ALL FOUR. ALL FOUR!

Also, when his back itches, he arranges his back against the door frame and shimmies like a bear.

Also, today he accidentally put on two pairs of underwear.


Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud!!! I LOVE SETH! And I love how you love him :)

Dave said...

I failed to see anything weird in any of these. Must be a guy/girl thing. Just start double diapering Jonah now. If you see Jonah turning his head up so his shoulders lift, you know he's just practicing for that bear scratch move.