Thursday, September 1, 2011


When the waiter came to check on us at dinner the other night, he found that I had eaten every single bite of my four gigantic blueberry pancakes as well as my two eggs and two bacons.

He said,

"Oh! You ate it all!"

I said,

He tried to recover by saying,

"That's awesome."

But did he really think it was awesome? I didn't really think it was awesome. I thought it was horrific.

Here's the thing: I love pancakes. If I'm going to eat pancakes, I'm REALLY going to eat pancakes. I think, in general, I eat like a man.

Here's the other thing: Parks and Recreation had a disappointingly not funny first season, but then after that, it started to get amazing. I figured this out when I was out of stuff to watch on Netflix. There's this one part when Andy and his band are playing for the senior citizens and no one is cheering or flashing them so he can't tell if they're doing okay. His bandmate says "Maybe you should try singing like Louis Armstrong." Andy says, "Maybe, yeah." Then he adds, "Here's the thing, though: Who is that?"

So.... now I have this one phrase that I find myself plopping into every single conversation I have. Plop.


Kristina P. said...

I would have said, "Is that a fat joke?"

Aimee said...

I love totally cleaning my plate when I am out. The other day we were out for breakfast and I had three over easy eggs topped with salsa, four pieces of bacon and four pieces of sausage, and half of an avocado. Nothing wrong with eating like a man! Do it with pride!!!

Chrissie said...

I would love to go out to dinner with you because I, too, am a voracious eater. We'd show those waiters just how much two women can eat--and it WOULD be awesome!

Lindsay Gunnell said...

Um, the plop? Hilarious. The "Oh!" face? Double hilarious.

Melissa said...

That was pretty random.
I would've eaten it all too though.
I can eat WAY more than Dru, usually any day of the week baby.
I just like food.
What can I say.
It's why we're mates.

Mackenzie D. said...

I miss you, Dani!!