Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Guy Patterson,

I love you. Even when you play a bad guy on Law and Order.



Colette said...

I completely agree.

Andy said...

Dear guy who plays Guy:

I don't think less of you even though you took a job on the infamous Law & Order where, as you and I both know, good actors go to die and bad actors go to become steadily worse. I want you to know I don't blame you: That Thing You Do came out years and years ago, and you probably had to make some tough choices concerning continued celebrity-style conspicuous consumption and getting a real job. I commend you for your efforts to expend the least amount of effort for the greatest reward, even if it led to your appearance on the above-mentioned blight on America's prime-time community.
PS. During your movie-making heyday, did you ever reply to random questions with "Am I a drumset? Well, no. I just play one in the movies." Shame. That would have been funny...