Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping up with the Bournes

We have these friends named the Bournes. They look like this:

(I mean it. That is exactly what they look like.)

They have these green canvas bags that they use when they shop at the grocery store. They look like this:

We also have some green canvas bags. They look like this:

That is because we crumple them up and stuff them in the trunk when they don't have food in them. But I always feel sad when I see mine and remember how beautiful our friends' bags look.

I had to throw one of mine away because I accidentally left it in the hot car for 3 days while it was holding a bunch of spinach. It got all smelly and slimy.

Trust me, it was a disgusting nightmare.

Anyways, after I threw it away, I only had 3 green bags left, which is not enough. So we bought a new one.

And now, a month later, it looks like..............


All bright and shiny from my careful folding efforts.

It's all part of our ultimate goal to keep up with the Bournes.

Someday, I will be as good at gymnastics as Saramarie is, and Seth will build a cooler model airplane than Andy can. And someday, our TV will be as big as theirs is. Until then, at least our grocery bag is keeping us in the game.


The Boob Nazi said...

eww I bet that spinach bag was NASTY like no other.

Jami Fergie said...

Dani. You are definately in the right field. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! How is the old ward doing?

Andy and Saramarie Bourne said...

Haha. Dani you make me laugh. I'm very impressed with your new bag still shiny and new. And one day you will be as cool as us. Until then, you can still be our friends.

TD Quong said...

I always thought you were really good at gymnastics.