Wednesday, July 1, 2009

News Alert: Dani Saves the Fish

I put my fish in a 1-gallon ice cream bucket so I could move them safely to my new apartment.

Matt and Josh shown with Tervetuloa/Pulla (the orange one), who is now dead, in happier times.

I left them unattended, believing I could trust them, while I went about some business. (NOT eating donuts.)

Then I walked back over, happened to glance down at the carpet, and WHO should I find, but MATT*, writhing on the floor.

Not really Matt. Just a lookalike from the internet.

I screamed. Then I picked him up. Then I dropped him in the bucket. Then I sealed it tight. Then I kept screaming (on the inside).

I transported him and Josh and Frank the Creepy Shrimp to the new place and put them back in the tank.

And today, four days later, he's still kicking. (But not literally -- he doesn't have legs.)

I know. I saved the day.

But that night I had nightmares about hundreds of little Matts and Joshes dying on the floor.

still shot from my dream. too gross for a family-friendly blog?
*It actually could have easily been Josh (they're the same kind of fish). I didn't look close enough to tell. But I'm going with Matt for narrative purposes.


The Boob Nazi said...

Those nightmares sound terrifying. Yikes!

rychelle said...

You're like practically a super-hero!

oh, by the way, my word verification was "zoomed" often do you actually get a real word...SWEET! I feel like a super hero!

TD Quong said...

I'm proud of you for touching it. Ew. Yesterday a grasshopper jumped right on my arm. I screamed. It was almost as gross as touching a fish.