Sunday, August 23, 2009

How awkward can you get?

I look across the waiting room at the temple, and who should I spot leaving the room but my old friend Fashionable Jim.

It's been forever since I last saw him.

I say, "Jim. Jim!" in a loud whisper (he always had exceptional hearing).

He looks over and gives me this look that says "OH MY GOSH. YOU?? HERE?? WHAT A DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE!" (we're in a state where neither of us was living the last time we saw each other.)

I start to walk toward him, with Seth whispering, "who is that??" behind me.

I proceed one and a half steps before I realize that there is a guy in front of me, also walking briskly toward Fashionable Jim. I freeze.

They greet each other with a warm embrace, clearly having the same conversation I would have been having with Fashionable Jim had I been the dear old friend he'd spotted in an unexpected setting.

I hang my head in shame and fall back into my place beside the window. Then I don't say hi to Fashionable Jim after all.


Alissa said...

Oh man, that was painfully awkward to read! I swear this has happened to me in my nightmares on more than one occasion! I hate when that happens! Or like when you're waving at someone and they totally don't see you waving? Lame. It's good that you're documenting this now, so you can relive the pain and anguish later;) ha ha! Great story Dani. I love your blog!!!!!

rychelle said...

I hate that!! Seroiusly! totally akward!

Becky Marks said...


Lindsay Gunnell said...

Oh he totally would have remembered you. Who doesn't remember Dani?

Erik said...

You missed out on a chance to talk to Fashionable Jim!? That is too bad, and why the heck did he know someone else in the temple?? I guess he is also Popular Jim.

Erik said...


James McOmber said...

Hi, I don't know you, but you've left comments on my friend Boob Nazi's blog. I like your bloggings.

Anyway, that is just awful. The thing that pisses me off about when that happens is that the person won't even ACKNOWLEDGE that you just embarrassed yourself trying to say hello to him/her.

Parenthetically, I met a girl at the temple the other day. We started talking at the crosswalk, a little in the waiting room, and then she found me in the parking lot afterward and all but threw her number at me. About a good a place as you can meet someone, right?