Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm drinking tea with Splenda.

I'm not sure why. It's not very good (tea in general, not just tea with Splenda).

I think I was hoping for some insta-happiness, like this lady is obviously experiencing:

It did not happen. I feel about the same as I did before, but this time with tea in my belly.


Kristin said...

I know. I really love tea, in theory. In reality, it's hot flavored water, and it's eh. Kind of like vitamin water, but hot, and herbs instead of vitamins. Actually, exactly like that. Tea is all mythology. Like, teapots are adorable, and teacups and saucers are so quaint, but the actual tea experience, I always feel like I must not have the right kind of tea.

Alissa said...

That lady is awesome! LOL! She really is having a great time with her tea hahahaha!

The Boob Nazi said...

I've never tried tea. But I do love teapots.

The Grady's said...

I love tea because it gives me a reason to leave my desk at work - going to the break room to make tea or coffee is acceptable no matter what time of day!