Monday, November 2, 2009

I wish there were a punctuation mark between "!" and "."

Maybe it would look a little something like this:


Then when someone sends me an email that says "I'll see what I can do" in response to a no-big-deal request, I could reply without seeming overly excited or overly ungrateful.

I could be like, "Thank you " instead of "Thank you!" or "Thank you."

You see how much better that is?


Laurie said...

Since I started this job, I'm convinced I over-used the exclamation point so hard that I killed it dead. I would like a respite from my enthusiasm, please.

The Boob Nazi said...

I say "Thank you very much" with a period. That way it sounds like I'm grateful but not too excited in my opinion.

Kristina P. said...

I am an exclamation point whore!

Andy and Saramarie Bourne said...

I totally agree.

Kristin said...

Yes! Dani, you get it, about life. I rarely feel like sounding all enthusiastic and exclamation pointy, but I agree that in print a period looks so serious. Maybe an exclamation point in parentheses. Thank you (!) to show that you know exclamation points are silly, but what are you going to do.

Dave said...

Dani! Yes! You too can exclaim a thank you(!) To the most mundane things! I fyou are lucky, they will reply with "No! Thank YOU!" And then you will realize that on a relative basis you were less enthusiastic than they were.

Me? I'm a parenthetical kind of guy. And -kd watch out what kind of ladies (of the night!!) You're hanging around with. Even if only literarily.
Latest English glitch is spelling the stuff of which pencils are made "lead" unless you're taking a horse to water than lead (led) is lead (leed) unless you did it yesterday than its led (lead). Poor ELL chaps. What the heck are they gonna do?