Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fake shorthand

I am getting sick of trying to read my wannabe shorthand. (Wannabe because instead of looking like this:


it is just regular writing with lots of letters and words left out.)

FOR EXAMPLE. My notebook says this:

"enc inv to ch strat, lk FTHB act qual to purch hm, cn aff it"

This one I successfully deciphered. It means:

"It encourages investors to change their strategy and look for first-time homebuyers who are actually qualified to purchase a home, and can afford it."

But this one? I'm stumped:

"crt income now that's prst, not mny, hap of bg boss, ctrl over lifestyle"

"PRST"???? What the heck is "prst"???

I'm definitely not quoting him on that one.


Alissa said...

Wow, I'm surprised you were able to decipher the first one! That's some bomb diggity short hand. prst? I'm stumped...maybe present???

just call me jo said...

I'm lost. I'm with Alissa. The first one stimied me. prst?? I have trouble reading those personalized license plates some times too. But then I am driving 50 mph when I try to decipher them...

Alison said...

I feel ya. That's why I started taping everything. Cause I type WAAAAY faster than I could ever write and when are you near a computer when you're out and about interviewing?

The Boob Nazi said...

Sigh. I prefer not to handwrite anything anymore.

Chrissie said...

Can you record the peeps (people) you interview?

P.S. My mom knows real shorthand. Cool, huh?

Colette said...

It totally makes sense to me. "Correct income now that's persistence, not many happenings of a big boss have control over lifestyle"

Totally quote him.