Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't give me a job in HR

My boss wanted all the writers to pop in and say hello to the prospective new writers he's interviewing so we can tell him what we think.

So I popped in on the first one, my boss left, and I sat down, leaned forward, and said: "So. How old are you?"

When is this an appropriate question? I can think of a few times:

1. When you're setting up medical records,
2. When the respondent is a small child, or
3. When determining if someone is old enough to buy a controlled substance or rent a car or get married.

There are probably a few more situations, but is anything resembling a job interview one of them? NO. No, no, no.

She promised not to sue, so I think I dodged that one. Phew!

Also not an appropriate question: How much do you weigh?

But I, being the tactful person that I am, did not ask that one. I know, I am the soul of discretion.


Kristina P. said...

I've gotten the marriage and religion questions, before, in an interview. Nice.

Colette said...

I just hope you didn't over emphasis the word old in the question. It is never tactful to ask "How OLD are you??" Even if it is for medical records.

Chrissie said...

If you were in France you would be totally justified.

Dave said...

Colette is right. I'm sure you said it: "How old are YOU!" Where you-u was ALMOST a two-syllable word. Being the soul of discretion, you would have done THAT, I'm sure. BTW- I'm assuming you simply made that HR-age-question guideline discretionary, being the soul of discretion and all.

Dave said...

Oh, and Chrissie. You and I both know Dani. She IS justified, totally, wherever she is, France, Boise (very much like France, BTW) because she IS. Born "Dani the Great" she is the soul of discretion and the picture of justified.
At least with me she is. Forever.