Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sniff, sniff

Here is a song that my sister, my cousin, and I wrote on the last day of one of our semi-annual week-long get-togethers:

Even though we're far apart
We're still together in our hearts.

Even when we're miles away
We think of cousins every day.

A cousin will be your friend forever!
Despite the fact we seldom get together!
And though we seldom ever sleep
We'll have memories to keep

This was sung with very earnest, sad looks in our eyes in an effort to manipulate our parents into letting us stay some extra days.

I am thinking one of us must have had "seldom" as a vocabulary word in the near past.

My sister once insisted to me (hurting my pride and my feelings at the time) that she had been the creative genius behind most if not all of that song. From the distance at which I sit now, I am fully ready to hand over all credit to her, even if she doesn't want it anymore.

This memory also includes the sight of our parents crying a little as they watched us sing. But there's no way that's an accurate memory. I'm a parent now, so I know that if my kid pulled a stunt like this, I would snort him out of the family.


Dave said...

Sweet memories and a very nice lyric. We dreamt for years of moving closer together and only pulled it off a couple of years after you, Anni and Tara were all away from our homes.

TD Quong said...

Relevant and not relevant response: Remember the song that says, "Even the best fall down sometimes?" and how we sang that song to each other? I cannot remember why, but whenever I hear it I think of you. And I just heard it. And I thought of you.