Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh no

Bad news. On Friday, my office is having a combined birthday party for three people.


You know what this means, right? THREE BIRTHDAY CARDS. Three opportunities for me to say something hilarious. Three guaranteed failures.

Usually, I go with something like "happy birthday." or "hope it's a good one." or "you are fun to work with." You know. something STUPID.

I don't think I've ever written something funny on a birthday card. It is a total personality flaw. I can't do it. Can't step up to the plate and convey humorous birthday wishes.

Everyone else in my office seems to have a special talent for the job. Just like they all have a special talent for bowling. What a strange, strange place this is. Full of bowlers and birthday card humorists.


Rachel Mary Smith said...

I have the same problem. Maybe you can get some inspiration from the great Michael Scott.

Try this one...
"Let's hope the only downsizing this year is that someone downsizes your age."

or this one...
"Hey Meredith, Liz Taylor called she wants her age back and her divorces back!"

Colette said...

hey that is just what i was thinking rachel! love michael scott.

Lindsay and Boyd Gunnell said...

Good one. I usually just go with fresh ink to do all the hard work for me. Like the one that says, "Every pan is no-stick if you no cook in it" or "used any geometry lately?" That usually gets 'em thinking.

Or you could use Jack Handy. It might make someone cry, but if it doesn't....mmmm cake!