Friday, February 27, 2009


I have this expression I do, and it means: I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! Yes. five exclamation points. and all caps.

It goes like this: my shoulders go way up. so do my eyebrows. my neck scrunches so my chin is near my shoulders and my head tilts back a little. my eyes roll back and half close. I smile, my mouth open about an inch and a half. and then here is the crucial part: my hands come up in front of my mouth, palms to the face, and I wiggle my fingers. I let out a silent shriek. sometimes an almost silent shriek.

It sometimes varies a bit.

Here are some situations where I might employ that expression:

-I find out I'm going to get the chance to meet a local television news celebrity or politician
-my coworker mentions he is going to get a new dryer this weekend

I just realized that there aren't that many situations where I would use that expression. I may need to trade it out for a more versatile one.


The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. A new dryer? I'm shocked you only had the "excited" face and didn't pee your pants as well.

Dave said...

We know that you secretly did the DOUBLE-I'M-SO-EXCITED expression when you heard the FAM was journeying from Bend to visit the Grigg Guest Room.

Okay maybe only 1.5 times the dryer.

Dave said...

I'm glad you referred to this again. I wonder if rest of the horde (alternatives: gaggle, masses, enlightened, etc.) that reads this go through each motion trying to reenact this move. It becomes hard to read at the head tilt but near impossible at the eye roll, but I press on - right the the near-silent shriek. Nice.

But you don't do that in the presence of mere TV personalities where they might hear you, do you? Do they shriek back to be in your presence?

(ps - word scramble this time is clearly Finnish: eptomaki !)