Monday, November 17, 2008

The Most Shocking Target Experience Ever.

Sometimes going to Target can be surprising. Like when you tell your family it's Family "Wear Clothes That Don't Match" Day at Target, and then you show up and find out it's really not. (Please notice the fake hair attached to my ponytail.)

There are also those times when you go and find out that they don't sell pipe cleaners. Or that a shiny new notebook with flowers on it is really only $1.05.

But then there are those Target trips that leave you reeling for days.

Look at me. Still reeling.

On Friday night, Seth and I followed up our Chinese dining experience with a trip to my favorite retail establishment to get Seth some shoelaces. I walked in, saw the glory that was the matching scarf-and-mitten sets and gigantic handbags, and thought: hey, what a great time to get some ideas for Christmas.

So I asked Seth to please point out everything that he would like to see under our Christmas tree this year, and he agreed. We proceeded to walk through the store, me pointing at everything in sight, saying "I WANT THAT. AND THAT. AND THAT." Man, there were shoes, dinner plates, skirts, kitchen appliances, napkins, pillows, tree ornaments, bouncy balls, vases, fake leaves, mirrors, picture frames, lamps, rolling pins, headbands, earrings.... you name it. Target has it. And it's cute.

And Seth? Nothing.


Clothes? Nah. Wallets? Nope. Travel accessories? No. Kitchen gadgets? No. Video games? okay, he wants a wii. but not happening, sorry. Video games for the system he already has? No thank you. Trifle dishes? um. Potpourri? for girls. Toys? No. DVDs? No. Books? not going to be read. CDs? that's what iTunes is for.

Sure, he liked the ipod touch, but said he didn't really want it. He doesn't want to carry around both a smart phone and a smart mp3 player. too bulky.

So, here I am, one Target trip later, none the wiser about what to get stinkin Seth for Christmas.

I ask you: How is this possible?


MackAck said...

Get him nothing.
That'll teach him.

rychelle said...

Adam is the same!!! It doesn't get better!!!

Blair said...

Sounds like my husband. Dang.

LJ said...

Adam asked me for a bathrobe and slippers. He doesn't fit so well in mine.

Satu said...

Your Dad is the same. I think it is more a result from me wanting so many things. He has to make up for all the expenditures going out. The name of the game is to decrease expenditures--not quality of life!