Thursday, April 9, 2009

an advertising inspiration

Here is a really good idea for those of you who own car companies or pizza companies or hair salons or whatever.

In your next commercial, describe your next sale as a "bailout" or a "stimulus package."

Your clients will think this is a very innovative idea. Fresh and original.

They'll think, "YEAH, since Wall Street is getting a bailout, I deserve some cheap stuff! THANK YOU, pizza company, for 'bailing me out' with your cheap pizza!" and they'll wink when they use the term "bailout," because it's SO DARN CLEVER.

SO clever.

Just be sure to put "copyright Dani" at the end of the commercial so they know you got the idea from me.


The Boob Nazi said...

I take it you've seen that commercial then. Good idea.

Dave said...

yeah that 100 commercials...
Sell it to the plumber where a "bailout" may have at least a double entendre (is that how you spell that word - never was very good at Persian?)