Monday, April 27, 2009

Sorry, children

Last night, Seth woke up at about midnight to an earth-shattering noise.

He assumed someone was breaking into our apartment by way of bulldozer, so he looked around for a baseball bat, which we do not own.

So he grabbed his cell phone, which would have been good for poking eyes out if it had been a little sharper.

He went downstairs and found nothing, so he looked out the window to discover a car where it did not belong--in the living room of the apartment across the street.

Then came the crowds and the ambulances and the entire Boise City police force.

Later he woke me up to tell me what had happened. I am sure I said something really intelligent before dropping back into my previous rock-like sleep condition.

The moral of the story is: Future Children, I am sorry that you will have a mother who will have NO IDEA that you are screaming your heads off if she has passed into the world of the asleep.


The Boob Nazi said...

Cell phone. ha!

Chrissie said...

A miraculous change will take place that will allow you to awaken at the slightest sound. It's wonderful.

Colette said...

Erik is the same way. He can sleep through ANYTHING, except for me touching his ankle with my ankle.

TD Quong said...

Holy moly woman! Were the people okay? Aren't you glad it wasn't your apartment? What a crazy thing to happen.

Blair said...

Wow. That's a crazy story. But Chrissie is right. The slightest stir from your baby can wake you up.