Friday, September 26, 2008


It's Friday, aka Jeans-With-Heels day. So I'm wearing jeans with heels. The spiky sandal kind.

This morning I went out to tour a new house for a story I'm working on. In my jeans and heels. And good news: the ground is not landscaped. It's dirt and rocks. PERFECT. so i walk around getting dirt up my toes and stumbling all over the place, and here is what is going through the minds of the very nice, very rich, very down-to-earth people who live in the house: this girl is somewhat high maintenance.

NOOOOOOOO. I'm not! I wake up half an hour before I have to leave for work and never have time to blow-dry my hair! Not high maintenance!

Oh well, the idea is solidified in their minds and I'll never see them again.


Julie said...

Open-toed shoes? Yikes! That sucks.
And I'm totally high maintenance, but when it comes to waking up early and going out into the world, I look like poo. Seriously. I can't believe what I looked like today. Oh well.

anneli said...

AGH to this, I can relate. Every time I wear a dress I have to explain that throwing on a dress is actually less work than finding a matching top and bottom and it takes me less time to get ready. And sliding on cute heels is less work than finding clean socks and tying up sneakers! I mean just cuz you choose to look cute doesn't mean you're some high maintenance freak! Rock on, sista ;)

Chrissie said...

I hate it when people misinterpret heels!

Rachel Mary Smith said...

Ahh...jeans and high heels. I was there when it all began.