Monday, September 22, 2008


I changed my clothes at lunch. I guess the first half of the day was enough to make me realize that my outfit sucked. Seth commented that people at work might think I pooped my pants.

NOTE TO PEOPLE AT WORK: I did not poop my pants.

Speaking of things that suck, yesterday in my primary lesson somebody mentioned getting your head chopped off, and I said, "yeah, that would--." and then I realized you can't say "suck" in primary, so I changed it last second to, "yeah, that would stink."

Good catch, Dani, good catch.


Julie said...

I still think you pooed your pants. Yep.

MackAck said...

Also off limits in primary: BEEP, BEEP, and BEEP.

anneli said...

i accidentally slipped the suck word at work and the girl started cracking up. you should try it sometime.