Sunday, September 21, 2008

thoughts on sewing

I'm not good at it. Nobody would give me any money for what I do. They might ask ME to pay THEM if I tried to hem their pants or make them a stocking or a duvet cover.

I take a bit of pride in my ragged little projects. I show them to friends with a beam and say, "hey, look! I'm awful at sewing!" Their respect for me goes up a notch when they see my efforts, because does anybody really like the ultra-domestic perfect girl? No, but everybody likes the enthusiastic, ultra-domestic untalented girl.

At least that's what I suspect.

And yes, I'm a girl. Not a woman. And as I get older, I'll become a lady. still not a woman. So please don't refer to me behind my back as a woman.


Jules AF said...

Whenever I've talked about you to my friends and stuff, I've always referred to you as a woman. True story.

MackAck said...

Dani, I have witnessed your handmade throw pillows firsthand and WOW - they blew my mind

Satu Blogger said...

What's wrong with being a woman? You get more respect!