Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big Day

Today is The Big Day when I get to go meet a local celebrity: Ms. Michelle Edmonds of Today's Channel 6 News. She won a philanthropy award that my newspaper gives out and I'm writing her profile.

I am wearing nylons for the occasion.

But I am still feeling a little intimidated. She's on TV! Every day! She's right up there with local meteorologist Larry Gebert, who, I was surprised to hear from a reliable source, is a jerk. But here is a quote from his web page: "(Larry) invites you to download a photo of him water skiing at Lucky Peak Reservoir to use as "Windows" wallpaper." and then there is a link to a photo of him water skiing at Lucky Peak Reservoir.


I'll try not to be too nervous. Nobody else around here thinks this is a big deal. But it is!


The Boob Nazi said...

I thought you were doing something from your wedding day! No. You suck

Dave said...

That may be, but she sucks while wearing nylons apparently.

Andy said...

I am worried that Larry is going to have my kneecaps broken for so publicly damaging his reputation. I mean, people can download background pictures of him waterskiing. How could he possibly be a jerk? And he's 17 feet tall and bald. Just like the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC.