Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today I told Seth he can't touch my stomach because it's lumpy.

"It's not lumpy," he said. "It's wavy."

Wavy! This is what everyone needs--a supportive husband.

Now he's off singing a song about how he needs a wife who cares about him and his "feelins" (feelings). The chorus is something about how it "don't even matter."

Good song, good song.

This was brought on by me telling him to go take a shower instead of showing me a clip from a football game where a ref tackles a quarterback.


Julie Anne said...

Mine's just fat. That's it. One time I was making out with a guy who touched my stomach, and I said, "I hate people touching my stomach. I'd much rather my boobs be touched than my stomach." Normally when I say that, it doesn't actually apply to the situation. How awkward.

Dani Grigg said...


Seth said...

hey i thought you liked the wavy comment...and the video of the referee tackling the quarterback is hilarious.

Seth said...

Here is a link to the tackle to prove how funny it is (though I suppose you have to be a football fan to appreciate it in its entirety)


Julie Anne said...

That wasn't inappropriate! He didn't actually touch me there!!!! Poo on you.