Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free things

Once when I was a freshman in college, my friends and I wrote a letter to the Olive Garden telling them how much we admired their commercials and informing them that we planned to hold our next meeting of the Italian Club there. (The club had nothing to do with eating Italian food and everything to do with yelling "heeeeeey! heeeeey!" like a big friendly Italian family when someone we knew walked into the Cannon Center.)

You know we got in response? A letter. BOO THAT.

So that's not a very impressive response from a rich corporation. But once I wrote to a gel pen company telling them about how I liked their pens and would like to be informed about new merchandise, and jackpot: they mailed me about 5 free pens. The gelly kind. the sparkly kind. This was back in high school, so I was overjoyed. Okay, I admit it, I'd still be overjoyed if I got them today.

My next goal is to win a free handbag. The silver one on the top row. It was a hard choice. If I don't win, I will cry. Just like I cry every time I don't win the free car in the mall.


Colette Hartman said...

Remember when we wrote to Jelly Belly and they send us free Jelly Bellys? That was pretty cool.

Dave said...

Not sure if it was a grandiose response to our statement of professed (and real) love for the product or just the result of begging, but a highlight of one grad-school semester was the contribution of a case of Dr Pepper (without the period) from the Provo bottling company. It was delivered to the front of the room before the arrival of our professor in the business analysis case study class on the day of the "Dr Pepper case study". The older professor was so delighted with the stunt (all 24 beverages planted into a mountain of ice on the front table) that he cracked one open, sat down and pronounced that the presenters for the day had apparently volunteered and invited us to come on down. I recall that I had spent more time arranging the free goods than really studying the case, but that we pulled off the presentation to the satisfaction of the prof. I also recall that there were some appalled students concerned with the existence of caffeine, violating the brand new Tanner building. All survived, some were refreshed, and Dad got a decent grade in the class. But I can't recall the profs name... brain cell shedding... too much caffeine?

Satu Blogger said...

Maybe I should try writing a letter to the Fazer chocolate factory praising it for its merits. I haven't figured out an economically feasible way to get chocolate from Finland. As a result, I haven't had any chocolate since last Christmas! Shall we send David back on his mission?