Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here are my coworker's thoughts when it comes to his 14-year-old son:

"Until you are out of college, I will assume that all your friends are smoking crack."


Dave said...

Bear with me. A friend, while speaking from the pulpit a couple of weeks ago told of missing church the week earlier to attend to his ailing 90 yr old Mother who, among other things, was diagnosed with a cracked vertebra. He went on to describe his apologetic confession to his mother, feeling the guilt for being cause to her calamity. "You see" he explained, "I had just days earlier been walking down the sidewalk and stepped on a crack."

And that is what I thought was coming when I saw the header (or possibly a reference to the day dawn is dawning.)

Lindsay and Boyd Gunnell said...

I laughed out loud more than once reading your back-blogs (back-issues? back-posts?). I miss you Dani!

Julie Anne said...

I assume all of you have crack and guns!
That's a kind of quote from Superbad. I can't remember the exact words.