Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm having the hardest time thinking of what to get Seth for Christmas. He is The Boy Who Wants Nothing, aka The Boy Who Only Wants a $10,000 Big Screen TV.

My second cousin posted this blog, which suggests going for "something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need."

So, keeping in mind our budget, I came up with this list:

Something to wear: a busted tee ($20).
Something to read: a book (undecided) ($20).
Something you want: beef jerky ($10).
Something you need: underwear, obviously ($10).

That adds up to $60. Since we're rich*, I would like to get him something more momentous. But not as momentous as the TV. So I'm a little bit stuck.

Any suggestions?

*I am a junior reporter for a small newspaper in Boise, Idaho--is there anything more lucrative than that?


Dave said...

Not to answer the real question, but I did just hear about a game that will probably be a big hit - something like "would you rather..." that asks all kinds of horrible questions with two terrible outcomes and makes you choose (rhymes with lose, but not loose) and then explain why. I'll dread this game (but can't wait to get it) and you all will love it. Maybe this can replace the underwear because you really do need this, especially if you don't get the tv.

The Boob Nazi said...

Video game? Is he into that? I have no idea.

Alison said...

Ethan is the exact same way. He says he doesn't want anything, but you still know he wants something expensive - like a $1,000 bike or new snowboard gear that will end up costing that much.

Satu Blogger said...

My 3 boys have taught me to never give them clothes that they need because they believe that they will eventually get those things anyway. I also would suggest you don't necessarily give him a book that you like. Past requests from my boys include: basketball hoop, trampoline, video games, video consoles and root beer!