Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Curb

A few months ago my 13-year-old brother taught me how to ride up curbs on my bike. So on the way back to work from lunch, when the road was blocked off for a football game by a cement curb, I practiced my new skills by riding over it.

I called back to Seth, who was behind me on his bike, "Can you do that?"

He pulled up on his handlebars just like I did, but he was too early. His bike hit the curb wrong and he crashed on his side, hitting his face on the concrete.

"No," he said.

Later he accused me of laughing too hard at him, and I reminded him that he'd been laughing, too.

"That's because there was a guy there watching, so I couldn't just lie there and cry," he said.

So I laughed harder. Poor Seth.


Julie said...

One time, my mom fell down the last couple of stairs, grabbed the banister, and flew headfirst into the wall.
It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.
I don't think she's forgiven my sister and me for laughing so hard.
It was eight-ish years ago. hahaha

Chrissie said...

Ouchie! You know, I had the exact same experience in Danville. My family had just moved there, and I went biking with my dad. I was about to go on the curb (not even the full-blown's the part that lowers down to the asphalt so cars can pull into the driveway), but somehow my tire skidded against it in a parallel fashion (not perpendicular like I had hoped). I fell off and scraped my lip and shoulder. Then I had to go wash up in the bathroom of some car shop. After that, I did not have good feelings toward Danville, but I quickly discovered some redeeming qualities, like this girl named Dani who took me under her wing.

Dave said...

male ego response: Heck yeah Seth had to laugh, but YOU... That's harsh...

LJ said...

I'm reading this while sitting here in a meeting and had to pinch my nose shut to keep from laughing.

Seth said...

Dani failed to mention that I said "No" while I was still in mid air.