Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please Consider the Environment Before Leaving the Hair Thing that You Dropped on the Ground Right Where It Is

Monday I came back to work from lunch and saw a hair thing (hair elastic? hair circle?) on the sidewalk. I thought it looked like one I might wear. Then I realized it probably was mine. The day before I had looped a hair thing that looked just like that through a ring on my purse, and 24 hours was just about the amount of time it should have taken to come loose. Plus it was not on my purse anymore.

But I didn't want to bend down and look like a bum off the street who needed a free hair thing, so I kept walking.

It was still there when I went home that night. and when I came back the next morning. and when I went to lunch that day. and when I came back from lunch that day. and when I arrived this morning. and when I went to lunch today. and when I came back from lunch that day.

Why hasn't the wind blown this thing away?

MAYBE I will consider picking it up if it's still there tomorrow. MAYBE.


UPDATE: On Friday, December 5th, I picked up the hair thing.


The Boob Nazi said...

Who cares if you look homeless? Do it anyway! You are causing global warming. Yes, you. By yourself....

Blair said...

Whenever I go on walks with my sister she ALWAYS bends over and picks up the litter we see along the way. She tosses it into the basket at the bottom of her stroller and then throws it all away when we get home. She cares about the environment. She's my hero and I aspire to be like her. Maybe you should too.

Colette said...

It took me 2 walk-bys before I picked up a sock that was mine. It escaped on the way to the laundry. I made sure that no one was watching though, because I didn't want people to think I was a sock thief. That time of reputation will never die.

PS:is your blog trying to tell me something? The word verification was ingogym SO WHAT if I am working on my winter addition.

Kristin said...

Dear Dani, you are the funniest, I love you.

Please consider this exact comment left on at least 78% of all your posts. Can I pre-comment the next post? Like:

Dear future Dani, you are so amazing at putting into a few funny words a little life experience that I might not even be able to identify let alone write pithily for others' entertainment. This [future] post on [thus and such] is something I'VE TOTALLY DONE and DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT. And it made me smile.

Word verification = mopiti! mopiti mopiti mopiti.

TD Quong said...

Yeah, I call them hair things too. Stick with hair thing.

Dave said...

Oh Dani Dani Dani. Ha! I wasn't quite ROTFL, but you had me hucking. You know that thing where you hold your breath and belly laugh so your belly heaves up and down? So much better when the computer is resting on your lap/belly. (And this from a guy who has no belly.)

Anyway. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I am so glad you put that thing out of its misery (and relieved the hucking.)