Monday, December 1, 2008

Sad Little Irish Girl

There were these kids. They were doing some Irish dancing. It was time for the spotlight of the two star dancers. They did their little dance, then pranced back behind the other dancers. While prancing, the one with red hair thudded ungracefully to the floor.

Now her face was also red. The audience pretended it didn't see. But then about a minute later, she fell again. This time the audience gasped and the other star dancer glared at her in horror. She got up, her arms still pinned to her sides. She danced on.

And then she fell again.


I was far enough in the back of the audience that I could laugh my head off without her noticing. Seth and I hoped she was a mean girl who needed to be taught a lesson. But if she was a nice girl--sad!


Blair said...

That makes me want to cry for her. I hope she was a mean girl too.

The Boob Nazi said...

I would've been DYYYIIINNGGGG

MackAck said...

I would really like to attend a cultural event with you, Dani!

Chrissie said...

Geez...was she on drugs or something? If she wasn't, I agree with you--sad!

Satu said...

Sadder if she was on drugs if you ask me. Chances are it was a current health problem. (Inner ear infection?) Otherwise, how could she survive all this time in dance if she were constantly falling down? Do you really think the teacher would be ok with that--especially if it makes the audience laugh?

kfo said...

HAHAHA I was laughing to myself while reading this.

TD Quong said...

Hey, my sister does Irish dancing. She tried to teach me, and of course I am now really good. I kick my legs a lot and hold my hands at my side. I will have to ask my sister if she ever fell down.
I would have laughed too.